Why treating disorders in early childhood is necessary A child is constantly undergoing changes in the developmental years. It is important to keep this aspect in mind while a child is being diagnosed and treated for behavioral disorders. Treating behavioral disorders in children at an early age is extremely important as they may aggravate with the passage of time. In fact, such children may go on to become dysfunctional adults. Take for example the case of children with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). If early treatment is not provided, the child may keep suffering for a very long time. In fact, OCD which is characterized by obsessions and compulsions may prove to be a frightening experience for the child. Hence, early treatment is necessary. Emotional and behavioral disorders may strike in early childhood If the parents see the problem constantly persisting in a child, then the assistance of a qualified professional should be taken. The theory that various brain disorders such as depression, bipolar and anxiety occur after childhood has been since long negated. We all now know that such disorders may set off in children in early childhood. Alarming figures
 The news is not good as emotional and behavioral disorders affect around 10-15% of children the world over. These statistics have been compiled by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). These figures are indeed alarming and therefore call for the need to take any behavioral disorder in a child, seriously.
Treating behavioral disorders Since there is a threat that children with behavioral disorders may grow up to be dysfunctional adults, the problem needs to be taken seriously. The earlier the intervention is planned, the easier it would be to ensure an excellent outcome. The treatment for such disorders is usually multifaceted, meaning that it would depend on the type of disorder and also on other factors. Treatment with Dr. Ron Federici Treatment with Dr. Ron Federici involves several aspects that are all aimed at the well-being of the child. Doctor Ron focuses on a combined partnership with parents to ensure a positive outcome for the children. Stress is laid on parental education which helps parents learn the correct way to communicate with their children and manage them in better ways. Doctor Ron also elaborates the details of family therapy which includes improving communication and problem solving skills. Another important aspect of the treatment is cognitive behavior therapy which helps the child in controlling his or her behavior and thoughts to a great extent. Doctor Federici also assists the child in anger management by helping him or her learn the art of defusing anger and aggressive tendencies. Last but not the least; Doctor Federici enlists the help of medications which assist the child in managing impulsive behaviors.