Care for Children International, Inc is a humanitarian organization with Dr. Ron Federici as the chairperson. He is one of the individuals who have altered the face of neuro-psychiatry with unique and innovative methods of treatments and therapies. He is one of the most renowned doctors who have offered help to the Romanian Department of Child Protective Services. According to him, he has never been a supporter of attachment therapy, but carried on his treatment in an intensive family-oriented way, for those who suffer from neuro-psychological disorders. As he has told, “I am an expert in all neuro-developmental disorders as brain injury, fetal alcohol and drug exposed children, learning and attention disabilities and trauma.

The Romanian government regards him as one of the best doctors in the world and as a Romanian Ambassador to the U.S. His organization has been working for years with the Roman Institutions to offer comprehensive medical help along with and neuropsychiatric care to institutionalized children. With a comprehensive outlook about treating neuro-motor or neuro-psychological disorders, Dr. Ron has created an all-new benchmark in community development and medical treatment.

What are some of the services that are offered by Dr. Ron?

  • Dr. Ron Federici handles and builds multiple group home to aid independent living situations for children in the future
  • Leads various kinds of multiple medical missions including his site – Dr. Federici.
  • Donates millions of dollars for medical care, medication, supplies, food and training of help for children and welfare institutes across the world
  • Works with different international humanitarian groups to change the Romanian institutional system. He is a clinical Neuropsychologist specializing inn adoption-trauma medicine.
  • Has made a group of 30 committed medical specialists from numerous institutions and governmental offices across Romania. These experts offer advise and consultation to different institutes of children and provides aid to de-institutionalization the Romanian social system serves as President of the Care for Children International, Inc. a Humanitarian Aid Organization
  • Dr .Ron Federici also provides medical care through the institution along with supplies, training and education. He is not an attachment therapist at all, and he is against the traditional attachment therapeutic processes.


Dr. Federici is also actively involved in lobbying on Capital Hill for improving their policies and options to secure international adoptions along with aid. He also offered to provide expert opinion on the testimony of Senator Jesse Helms and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on October 5, 1999 with reference to issues relating to international adoptions. He has also conducted workshops to aim towards improvement of US AID spending in Romania.

On the whole, Dr. Ron Federici is an aggressive worker with the right degrees and certifications to tackle this situation of children. He has improved the situation over the years and continues to aim towards making the world a better place for these kids. With his efforts, a drastic change has been seen in the approach towards childcare and neuropsychiatry remedies and modes.